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What latex gloves are suitable for Workers at construction sites?

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Construction site is a high consumption of PPE, which contains a wide variety of jobs including carpenters, bricklayers, reinforcing steel workers, painters, glass workers, crane drivers, welders, precision surveyors, moisture-proof workers, water conservancy/hydroelectricity workers, welders, cleaners, etc. Wearing a pair of gloves that fit your hands is no less important than wearing a pair of shoes that fit your feet.

In this issue, we focus on "bricklayers" with the largest number on the construction site, providing them with hand safety protection solutions from a professional perspective.

Putting aside the ordinary cotton yarn gloves on the market, we take the latex coating gloves with mechanical protection functions as the object of discussion.

When it comes to coating safety gloves, most EHS mangers or users cannot clearly distinguish between the various types of coating gloves that appear on the market and the differences in performance between them.

As the most common and widely used latex coating gloves, the performance and application fields of gloves are also different with different production processes. And the key point to an outstanding pair of glove is the technological process of the latex coating: the combination of latex and yarn, the thickness of latex, the texture of the latex surface and the softness.

Type one: Crinkled Latex Glove

The crinkled gloves, palm rubber surface are treated with special texture to achieve anti-slip performance, this process we call “wrinkling”, wrinkled after the rubber surface can provide a excellent grip and anti-slip effect. The pictures below are the ordinary latex crinkled glove- LB012 and Smart Grip ® High abrasion-resistant latex crinkled glove- LN012:

Features of latex crinkled glove:

  • The crinkled latex surface with excellent grip provides the workers to grip smooth and wet objects firmly.
  • The thick latex palm coating provides more protection for hands and enhanced abrasion resistance.
  • Ergonomic shape design can reduce the finger fatigue, more comfortable and fit.
  • Special chemical bonding process, the adhesive surface and the hand core are stronger, not easy to fall off and not easy to penetrate.

In addition to the common characteristics of stripe-creased latex gloves, LN012 gloves have the advantages of wear resistance: Using Smart Grip® high wear resistance technology, the palm surface latex has better wear resistance and is more durable than ordinary latex stripe-creased gloves.

Type 2: Foam Latex Gloves

Foam latex gloves applied special latex foaming treatment. The foam latex coatings have soft feeling and good breathability. In the process of use, the gloves can keep the workers’ hands flexible, breathable, dry and cool, thus improving the occurrence of sultry and sweating. But after foaming treatment of natural latex, the integrity of the rubber surface is damaged, abrasion resistance is sacrificed at the expense of comfort. Hanvo Safety R&D team developed innovative foam sandy technology, which makes the coating surface delicate, soft as sponge and has excellent abrasion resistance. The picture below is sandy foam latex gloves LX301:

Construction sites where are handling with hard bricks, concretes, stones, sharp objects etc. Best in class grip with a thick tough coating and abrasion resistance gloves will be the most ideal choice.