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Mission: Strive for human safety in innovation

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Quality is Safety

Quality is the first believe at Hanvo.

Quality is our first belief at Hanvo.
We have successfully managed every process needed for excellent safety gloves in-house, so we can offer better and consistent quality safety gloves with confidence.  

Even a small change can affect the performance of safety gloves, so we innovate yarns for the safety glove, knit the yarns into gloves, coat the gloves with our unique coating technologies, and finally wash and dry every pair of gloves before shipping. We focus on every single detail that can affect quality.

Yarn and Knitting

Hanvo safety glove yarns are engineered in house to reach the maximum protection and comfortability for working hands.
Hanvo Graphene Liner is a Graphene based yarn that solves the dispersibility of traditional yarns and offers flexibility at the same time. this cut-resistant yarns can be knitted into a pair of Cut Level C glove without additional steel or other fibers.
A brand-new smart yarn and knitting factory has been put in use in 2020. It is one of the few knitting factories in the world that requires no labor during the normal production process thanks to our AGV technology. Most of the specialty yarns needed for Hanvo’s cut-resistant gloves and other specialty gloves will come from this smart factory.


To ensure the best and most consistent quality, all processes except for loading are automated, including dipping, dripping, coagulant, washing, oven and stripping. All workshops strictly follow the ISO quality system certification.
The enclosed type and automatic dipping production lines offer accuracy and reliability. Defective and waste products are automatically counted and controlled, so feedback of the line’s quality status can be reviewed in real time.
In addition to automation, we have more than 80 quality control professionals who regularly choose samples from each workshop and test all the standards in our climate control lab. We check each glove 100%.

Washing, Drying, and Packaging.

Seven Cycles of washing in the automatic laundry line is a must for Hanvo micro foam gloves, which makes the gloves more comfortable, more secure, and odor-free.
The packaging workshop utilizes the most advanced automatic packaging technology, and penetration in any form is prevented. For the entire flow, the production areas are separated via the conveyor belts, and the finished products are automatically conveyed to the packing area and will be warehoused after inspection.

Warehousing and Shipping

With our automatic and three-dimensional warehouse system, for each step (such as order generation, dispatching, etc.), code scanning and tracing are conducted for all processes.
With 100% customized ERP management system, we can supply high-quality products to the clients quickly and flawlessly.
All products are scanned and shipped directed from our warehouses in manufacturing plant, ensuring efficiency and 0 mistake.