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Vision: Forging a global leading brand in safety protection

Mission: Strive for human safety in innovation

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Innovation Leads Competition

Innovation is in Hanvo's DNA.

Each working hand deserves better protection, so we “Strive for human safety in innovation” from materials, productions, to services.

“When a market grows up and gets complicated, it demands more sophisticated innovation, which uses many types of innovation combined elegantly and orchestrated with care.” – Deloitte, 2015

We utilize innovations from 6 different aspects:

Product Performance Innovation

Hanvo Graphene Liner is a Graphene based yarn that solves the dispersibility of traditional yarns and offers flexibility at the same time. Graphene is the first 2-dimensional material discovered with only one-atom thick, so it’s the thinnest material found and is 100 times stronger than steel. After several steps of processing, cooling, shaping, and finally wrapped nylon, this cut-resistant yarns can be knitted into a pair of Cut Level C glove without additional steel or other fibers.


Innovative Breathtech™ Micro Foam nitrile coating gives Hanvo gloves a layer of breathable “skin”.
It enables gloves to breathe through the micro foams on palm, and therefore super comfortable for long time wearing.
Breathtech™ also provides superior abrasion resistance.
7 cycles of washing is also a must for Breathtech™ embedded gloves.

Smart Grip®

Innovative Smart Grip® flat crinkle latex coating provides strong grip and high abrasion resistant performance in both dry and damp working environment.

Smart Grip® flat crinkle tissue can make liner and latex combined tightly to increase grip and abrasion resistant performance.

Super Grip®

The latest Super Grip® rough sandy coating offers superior grip in damp or oily environment. Sandy surface also prevents water or oil from penetration.


Product Line Innovation


Production Innovation

Robot dipping line has much higher efficient and quality stability.
Auto heat transfer and stripping saves human labor and ensures quality stability.
AGV technology has 0 mistake intransproting semi-finished product
MES system allows manager to monitor real time production process.

Brand Innovation

Focusing on innovation to grip customers’ needs; Developing high quality gloves with great performance to give customers the best products ; Guiding with professional to give customers the right product solutions for the right use.
NXG is the next generation in safety gloves, representing the new state-of-the-art manufacturing and automated management.

Customer Relation Innovation

We believe in the idea of customer life-time value Therefore, Hanvo reinvests heavily into production and services, in order to give back better quality and services to our partners. Hanvo always prefers a long-term win-win relationship with every customer who is willing to grow and expand together with Hanvo over a longer period of time.