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Vision: Forging a global leading brand in safety protection

Mission: Strive for human safety in innovation

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Sustainability Feeds Possibility

Environment and society caring is HANVO’s behavior guide


Environment inspection process

HANVO thoroughly implements people-oriented, green and safe environmental protection concepts throughout the entire process of product development, production, transportation and after-sales, to ensure that all products and production lines are in line with national environmental regulations, standards and customer requirements. 


HANVO response to the world environmental responsibilities more and more to ISO environmental certification. All products are certified by international quality and environmental certification. HANVO is committed to energy conservation and environment protection.

Sewage Treatment and Recycling System:

Capacity :1500t/d
COD <300, PH : 6-9
All treatment results meet the legal discharge standard and water recycling utilization is realized.

Waste Gas Treatment System:

All exhaust gases are effectively collected and treated (Water spray, catalytic oxidation) and converted into heat energy for recycling. Real-time monitoring (24h)

Solar Energy System:

1,140,000 kwh annual capacity
40,000-180,000 kwh monthly depend on weather condition


Talent is the most valuable asset and a powerful driving force for the continual development of Hanvo. Hanvo has adhered to the talent concept of “knowing people, engaging people, accommodating people, educating people and being incredible human beings”

Employee Success

During the continuous pursuit of development, Hanvo not only creates benefits for the company, but also builds a great stage for the development of employees. We provide equal opportunities for each Hanvoer to compete, corporate, and develop as a family.

Family Caring

The happiness of employees' family members is one of the main factors of employees' working state. Therefore, HANVO formulated the "Employee family caring program" to take care of family members and solve worries in times of inconvenience to employees.

Social Give Back

Focusing on keeping harmonious relationship with all walks of life, we strive to give back to the society while creating social wealth. Over the years, Hanvo has been enthusiastic about public welfare and charity cause, promoting positive social energy and highlighting corporate social values.