Helping To Shape Our Environment

Reduce CO2 emissions down to an average of 281.8 

grams per pair of gloves.

As a leading manufacturer in the protective gloves industry, we are committed to championing sustainable development. Our motto “People Oriented, Green Security”speaks of our dedication to not just ensure the safety and protection of our users but also, the planet. 


As a manufacturer with high levels of production rate, we understand the possible impacts we may have on the environment. Hence,we are committed to continually improve our sustainability strategies which include the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions(281.8 grams per pair of gloves).


In recent years, we have invested more than 200 million yuan in environmental protection - specifically for the construction and upgrading of environmental protection facilities. Additionally, we continue to invest 15 million yuan annually in environmental protection treatment in order to encourage the production of renewable energy and the recycling of waste water and waste gas.

Our approach to sustainability is multifaceted: 

Utilization of solar photovoltaic systems

Through the installation of solar energy systems on the roofs of our facility, we have been able to save approximately 1,214038 kWh/year of clean and renewable energy, which is equal to approximately 365.5 tonnes/year of CO2. A total of 20% of the facility's energy is generated by solar power.


Challenge:  Become more energy efficient and reduce energy consumption


Solution: Install rooftop solar photovoltaic panels that can generate clean and renewable energy 


Impact: Able to save 1.2 million kW of energy, reducing close to 365.5 tonnes of CO2 emission a year. The facility reuses 20% of the solar power generated. 

Circulation system for waste exhaust gasses

Manufacturing gloves can produce exhaust gases and vapors which may be harmful to the environment if it is not treated with care. To combat this, we have an exhaust gas recovery and recycling system that is used throughout the glove production process. 


All exhaust gases are collected and treated through the use of RTO combustion, water spray, and catalytic oxidation before being discharged. As a by-product of the RTO combustion process, close to 14,850 tonnes of steam energy is created annually which is then reused for our glove production process. 


Challenge:  Treat exhaust gas from glove production


Solution: Equip manufacturing facility with exhaust gas recovery and recycling system. 


Impact: Over 90% of waste gases are collected and purified before being discharged. As a by- product of this purification,14,850 tonnes of steam energy are produced annually and reused for our glove production process. This also reduces CO2 emissions by 3419.9 tonnes per year resulting in a reduction of 15.8 grams of CO2 per pair of gloves. 

Waste water treatment and recycling

Manufacturing gloves can be a water-intensive industry. As a result, our plant is equipped with a sewage treatment system that treats industrial waste water before it is discharged.


The 24 hours intelligent, self-monitoring system is able to treat more than 350,000 tonnes of waste water per year which results in an effluent water quality of about 50ppm COD (national standard: COD300ppm). The treated water is then sent to a secondary waste water treatment company to be further treated before being discharged into the river or reused for domestic purposes.


Challenge:  Manufacturing gloves can be a water intensive industry.


Solution: Equip manufacturing facility with sewage treatment system that treats waste water before it is discharged; Engage with secondary waste water treatment to further treat it 


Impact: Treated water is safe to be discharged into rivers (according to state laws and regulations) and can be reused for domestic purposes. It also reduces CO2 emissions by 41.7 tons/year equivalent to 0.19 grams per pair of gloves.

Paving the way to a greener future through product manufacture

Our investment in R&D and proprietary technologies includes finding a solution to reduce plastic waste. As such, we developed the Ecotech™ range, a line of eco-friendly industrial gloves, made from recycled PET plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are turned into polyester yarns which are then knitted into gloves. 


Challenge:  Create sustainable products by reducing plastic waste


Solution:  Develop gloves with proprietary technology which uses recycled PET plastic bottles turned into polyester yarns and knitted into gloves. 


Impact: Able to reduce plastic waste by turning them into practical and functional products and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 281.8 grams per pair of gloves. 

The digitalization of office and production equipment

We adhere strictly to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 throughout our production process. To ease adherence, we have developed an all round ES system, that monitors production systems and is capable of responding immediately to production accidents. 


Challenge: Improve environmental safety and management as well as efficiency of production and operations 


Solution: Digitize systems to create an all-round monitoring system and a safety and environmental protection control center


Impact: Digitization has increased efficiency of operations and productions, improved environmental and safety management and reduced energy consumption at the production level. All these results have contributed greatly to becoming a carbon neutral facility. 

Greener packaging materials

Packaging is an important component of our products’ life cycle. To reduce the product packaging’s environmental impact, we have chosen to use FSC certified cardboard and biodegradable sample bags. By making this conscious switch, we have managed to reduce CO2 emissions of by at least 281.8 gram on average, per pair of gloves.


Challenge: reduce product’s packaging environmental impact


Solution: Use FSC certified cardboard and biodegradable sample bags


Impact: Reduce CO2 emissions down to an average of 281.8 grams per pair of gloves.

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