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Your Leading Chemical resistant gloves wholesale Supplier in China

When it comes to practical chemical-resistant gloves, trust Hanvo as your leading manufacturer in China. With over ten years of experience, you’re in for high-quality glove supplies.

Hanvo- Your expert Chemical resistant gloves wholesale supplier and manufacturer

As a factory engineer, CEO, laboratory team leader, or anything in between, you well know that your team needs to protect their hands from the various chemical elements in your environments―particularly when dealing with them. 
And this is where we at Hanvo come right in. We pride ourselves on top-end chemical-resistant mittens that can help your team protect its hands from toxic chemicals and other adversities that might come their way.

Why Hanvo chemical-resistant gloves?

As a leading Chemical-resistant gloves wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China, we do our best to provide you with world-class products that can cater to your ever-changing needs. 
We read in all the requirements of a modern-age glove in every piece we manufacture. For example, our products feature nitrile coating, which is well-known for its excellent chemical resistance property, and a waterproof nylon liner. 
We also have a strict quality control mechanism that ensures all our products meet the required standards before they leave our warehouses. For instance, our chemical-resistant gloves meet the EN374-1 standard, among other safety measures.

Hanvo- Your # 1 chemical-resistant gloves wholesale supplier and manufacturer

With over a decade of experience in the glove manufacturing market, we’re home to some of the top chemical-resistant gloves. Examples include the NLJ800/CKX800 and NLJ8354, which integrate the necessary chemical-resistant features, such as a fully-coverage nitrile coating and a nylon liner.

Why use chemical-resistant gloves?

It goes without question that chemicals can injure your body. In particular, handling concentrated sulfuric acid with your bare hands will lead to burns. So, wearing a suitable pair of chemical-resistant gloves is the right thing.

What gloves to use in the chemical laboratory?

Nitrile gloves or one with a nitrile coating make a perfect fit for laboratory use. Compared to other glove materials, such as nylon and latex, Nitrile is the most formidable tear and chemical-resistant choice.

Why opt for Hanvo as your chemical-resistant gloves manufacturer and supplier?

At Hanvo, we make the safety of your hands our business. We have a team of quality control experts who ensure each one of our products comes out fully baked standard-wise.
So to speak, we ensure that our products embody chemical-resistant material, such as nitrile and nylon, to keep your hands clean, dry, and safe. Besides, meets statutory requirements for chemical-resistant gloves like the EN 374 standard.
Our customer care service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We can also ship our products to your doorstep upon request. All these can help bring much-needed convenience to your daily routine, making Hanvo a leading chemical-resistant gloves supplier.

Hanvo chemical-resistant gloves features:

Our products pose a number of features that can ensure the safety of your hands and effectiveness at your workplace.
They include:
●  Chemical-resistant material: Our chemical glove pairs are made of nitrile coating, which helps prevent chemicals from sipping in. 
●  Firm grip: our mittens also integrate super grip technology, which includes a double dipping and sandy surface to provide that extra friction during oily material handling and keeping your hands clean. 
●  Dexterity: For improved performance, our chemical-resistant gloves feature an 18-gauge nylon spandex for maximum flexibility. 
●  Full hand coverage: our chemical-resistant gloves also measure up to 36 cm length-wise. This ensures that your hands are adequately covered. 
Even better, they feature a cuff that can be turned to create a reservoir for better protection against the fluid. 
With these features at your disposal, you can count on our gloves for maximum protection against chemicals and water, among other toxic elements. And as a businessman, all our products are top-notch, safe, and legit, which can make them a perfect fit for your growing business. 
In a wrap, our products can be used in a wide variety of application areas, including: 
Automotive industry: Here, you can use them to handle greasy parts, as well as batteries 
●  Transportation and warehousing: Our chemical-resistant gloves can also be handy when moving or arranging hazardous chemicals in warehouses and transport vehicles 
●  Machinery and equipment: In this case, you can use our mittens when dealing with oils and moving parts 
●  Facility maintenance: They can be used to protect your hands from corrosive chemicals spewed about in most factory settings 
●  Agriculture and gardening: You can use our chemical-resistant gloves to protect your hands from hazardous pesticides and farming chemicals 
●  Chemical industry: last but not least, they can help protect your workers' hands during work time if you’re a chemical establishment or laboratory.
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