15Guage Hi-vis green HPPE liner, Sandy Finish nitrile palm coating, Reinforcement on thumb crotch, Touch screen, TPR on back
Oil & Gas Resistant and Water Repellency Series, Flexible & Breathable Mechanic Work Gloves
Hi-viz Orange Color Safety Work Gloves
Vibration Absorbing Mechanic Work Gloves
13 Guage black/grey METALQ®liner, Micro-foam nitrile palm coated, Screen-Touch, Reinforcement on thumb crotch
Impact Protection Mechanic Work Gloves
Magnet Mechanic Work Gloves
Oil & Gas Resistant and Water Repellency Series, Impact Protection Mechanic Work Gloves
Outdoor Sports Gloves

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Your Reliable Custom Mechanics Gloves Manufacturer and Supplier in China

If you want the best custom mechanics gloves, then we at Hanvo tick the right boxes 
With over a decade of experience in glove manufacturing, we produce top-end protective mittens

Hanvo – Your #1 Custom Mechanics Gloves Manufacturer

Let’s agree: your hands are one of the most important assets when it comes to mechanical work. Therefore, picking up an injury during your work time can lead to unnecessary inconveniences. Fortunately, we at Hanvo have taken the sole responsibility of taking care of them. With over a decade of experience in manufacturing protective gloves, we bring to the table some of the most versatile custom mechanics gloves you can use as a team or as an individual. Or ramp up your store with as a business person to attract more sales.

Why Hanvo Custom Mechanics Gloves

Per our slogan, “your protection expert,” we strive to produce world-class gloves for your hand protection needs. Our different categories of custom mechanics gloves are designed with the most appropriate material to withstand the vagaries of mechanical work. Our SL1O17 gloves, for example, feature an 8MM thermoplastic rubber for impact and full hand protection during heavy work. On the other hand, our SL1010 mittens feature a lightweight and dexterous spandex back and birdseye material, which makes them suitable for light mechanical work.
We can also customize our gloves to meet your specific needs. Whether you want them black or white, beefier or lightweight, you have no reason to worry.

Hanvo – Your Leading Custom Mechanics Gloves Supplier

As a leading firm in the glove manufacturing and supply market, the quality of our products is what we value most. We take pride in offering superior custom mechanic gloves made from high-quality materials that can suit your personality and industry needs.

What gloves are best for mechanics?

As an occupation that involves tinkering around with heavy and sharp objects, you require a pair of gloves with high tear resistance. 
In our opinion, leather and nitrile gloves are the most appropriate for mechanics since they can resist minor scratches, tears, cuts, and abrasions.

Why do mechanics wear black gloves?

Automobile repair work is a downright practical and hands-on occupation. So, mechanics mostly prefer dark-colored gloves to hide the grease and dirt on their hands instead of oil-stained white gloves.

Hanvo Custom Mechanics glove Features:

Improved dexterity and grip: It is no secret that mechanical work requires a strong grip to handle the various equipment and tools involved securely. To make this possible, your custom mechanics gloves require a textured surface or material that can improve grip. 
So, to fulfill this need, our gloves are designed with texturized surfaces to improve your grip on objects and work performance.
●  Chemical resistant and waterproof: As a mechanic, you’ll definitely come across a wide range of fluids, such as brake fluid, engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, and battery acid, which can harm your bare skin.
Our custom-made mechanic's gloves help keep away such elements to ensure your hands remain safe during your mechanical work routine. 
●  Comfortable to wear: Unlike your other typical conventional gloves, we design our custom mechanics gloves to be as comfortable as possible. Most of our gloves feature fine and breathable material, such as birdseye and spandex back fabric, for improved dexterity and breathability. 
Additionally, some of them are touchscreen compatible, eliminating the need to remove them when operating your smart devices. 
●  Come in different colors: If aesthetics is your thing, then our gloves do not disappoint. They come in different colors, so it remains an issue of choice. You just need to contact us and let us know which color pleases your eyes, and you’ll be all set. 
This aspect can also be handy when working in dimly lit environments. For example, a shouting or reflective color like yellow can indicate your presence in a dark factory setting. 
●  Feature a variety of materials: Our gloves are designed from various materials. From nitrile to leather, we've got you covered ― So it remains your choice. But more importantly, all the materials used can withstand the heavy use that comes with mechanical work.

Time to take action?

Want bulk mechanics gloves for your team, company, business, or personal use? Fret not; we offer the most decent pairs of wholesale mechanics gloves nitrile, alongside other customized mechanical gloves.
You can contact us for any questions or orders concerning custom mechanics gloves, and we shall be more than happy to help.
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