LKX9070 / LKX970
13G Nylon+13G acrylic terry with latex fully coating plus black sandy latex coating on palm
HZZ3040 / H340
HZZ3040 - H340
Kevlar® Sleeve
LKX3080 / LKX680
13G Fleeced Hi-viz Orange Acrylic Liner With Latex Fully Coating Plus Palm Black Sandy Latex Coating
LBX9070 / LX970
13G Nylon+13g Acrylic Terry Liner With Triple Coating
LBX2027 / LX227
10G Acrylic Terry Liner With Sandy Latex Coating
13 Guage HPPE/glassfibre/bluepolyester+10 Guage grey acrylic terry fleeced liner with blue smooth latex fully coating

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Your best Thermal work gloves manufacturer and supplier in China

Check out our top-quality thermal work gloves to stay comfortable, warm, and productive on the job. Explore our range now. With over ten years of experience in the industry, you can trust us for the best thermal work gloves.

Hanvo: your # 1 stop shop for Top Thermal work Gloves Suppliers to Stay warm and work smart

Want something that can keep your hands warm or safe at your workplace or on your outdoorsy missions? 
Well, at Hanvo, we cut out as one of the well-known Thermal work gloves suppliers in China and around the globe. We pride ourselves on being home to various thermal protection gloves for cold and heat purposes. As a team leader or company executive, you'll definitely find our products, such as the HZZ3040/H340 Kevlar® Sleeve and the LKX9208 13 gauge HPPE gloves, among others, ideal for your team or employees.

Why Hanvo Safety Thermal Protection Gloves

At Hanvo, we strive to provide you with the best when it comes to thermal protection gloves. Be it the Custom thermal winter gloves for a cold vacation or your typical day-to-day work gloves that can help protect your hands from excessive heat. 
Our friendly staff is at your dial to provide insight, measurements, and all that's there regarding our authentic and time-tested thermal protection mittens. Besides that, we offer shipping services to your doorstep upon making a purchase or request for convenience. 
We have been in business since 2004, and here are two top comments from our customers regarding our glove products: 
"Very soft and flexible, it makes work easy when I use it in my hand. It will not make my hands sweaty and hot. And a little cool. Like it". Myan Govan ― verified customer. 
"Good fix. They work well. They work well. Nice fit". Courtney Smith ― verified customer.

Hanvo- your trusted Thermal Protection gloves Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Hanvo is a safe, reliable, legit company that opened its doors in 2004. All our workshops are ISO-certified to ensure accuracy and reliability. On top of that, our all-purpose built-house laboratory is CNAS-certified and accredited by SATRA to provide exceptionally high-quality products. 
So you can trust us for high-end thermal protection gloves such as the Black food service gloves heat resistant, among others. 
What gives us a wide birth from competition is the quality and durability of our products, thanks to the material we use. For example, the use of MetalQ® and advanced wrapping processes is commonplace in most of our products to ensure unparalleled performance and longevity.

Applications of Hanvo Safety Thermal Protection Gloves

Our thermal protection gloves run the show in several application areas. 
They include:
Oil refining and construction: Here, you can use our thermal protection gloves to protect your hands from excessive heat and ensure a secure grip on tools and materials for your overall security. 
Laboratories: Our heat-resistant thermal gloves are also a darling in most labs, where you can use them to remove hot objects from drying ovens and autoclaves. In the same vein, our cryogenic gloves can help protect your hands when dealing with icy materials that can go down up to -300℉. 
●  Cold protection: whether you're planning for a night out or camping. Our thermal protective gloves can come through to keep your hands warm in cold environments, such as mountain bases. And in doing so, help keep at bay cold-associated injuries and infections. 
●  Welding: If you're a welder, you can use our thermal protection gloves to cope with the excessive heat, hot elements and fire cracks that come with that line of duty. Our high mechanical resistance gloves ensure that besides bringing in the much-needed dexterity. 
●  Glass industry: You can agree that molten glass is something you want to avoid coming into contact with with your bare hands or when donning your typical bare thread gloves. Our thermal work gloves come in handy in this case to keep your hands safe and sound.

Advantages and Benefits of Thermal Protection Gloves

Wearing thermal protective gloves while on duty or adventure has its fair share of benefits. 
For instance: 
●  Enhanced hand protection: Heat-resistant gloves can help keep your hands safe from hot objects, especially when working in high-temperature areas, such as boiler rooms and laboratories. Likewise, cold-resistant gloves help keep your hands warm in icy conditions. Or when working in cold environments, such as cold rooms refrigerated stores or when out on outdoor duties during winter periods. 
●  Improved abrasion resistance: In most cases, a Thermal gloves design explains their unmatched hand protection against abrasions. Most are crafted from tough, heat-resistant material like Kevlar for better abrasion resistance. 
●  Amplified fire resistance: A thermal work glove's primary duty is to keep your hands safe from excessive heat. So, putting on a pair ensures the best defence against fires and extreme temperatures. As is the case, many of them are made from Nomex, which is flame-resistant. 
●  Provides extra comfort: Unlike your usual gloves, thermal protective gloves integrate an insulating material like wool, providing extra comfort and hand protection in normal and extreme conditions.
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