About us

Hanvo is a leading global safety gloves manufacturer in China with a business footprint in more than 50 countries. Hanvo has been insisting on quality as the first belief with sustainable innovation and steady accumulation. After a decade’s investment in R&D, we now proudly offer a world class safety glove brand with one-stop professional protection solutions that are cut resistant, breathable, waterproof & oilproof, thermal, chemical resistant, and many other hand safety hazard protection solutions.


High Quality Manufacturing at Scale

Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.

180,000 m2


250,000 m2

Hanvo Safety Industrial Park



18,000,000 dozen

Annual Production Capacity of    
Functional Safety Protective Gloves


Annual Production Capacity of    
High Performance Fiber

2,400 tons

Annual Production Capacity of    
Hengshang New Material Phase Ii


Our company Name Story

HANVO was founded by Mr. Wang xian hua in 2004 with the founding vision “A world where there are people where there are Hanvo gloves”. Hanvo launched a global rebranding in 2011 and established “Your protection expert” as its slogan, which expresses the attitude and determination to provide customers with professional and authoritative safety gloves. The name “Hanvo” is a combination of “Hand” and “innovation”. The color blue also gives Hanvo the identity of leading technology and continuous innovation.


Our Philosophy


Forge a leading global brand in safety protection

Business Philosophy

Quality-oriented, Service-based, Innovation-leading


Surpassing with innovation and leading by professionalization

Quality Policy

Quality is our first faith

Business Mission

Innovation for Personal Safety

Environment Policy

People Oriented、Green and Safety

Core Values

Integrity Practicability Efficiency Innovation

Talent Policy

The best of people is to make the best of the best of people


HANVO’S history

Discover Hanvo's rich history. Learn about our journey, milestones and how we've evolved to become a leading provider of hand protection solutions.

Hengyue Safety Industrial Park will be put into operation which will become a "Factory ZERO, improved efficiency, optimal cost, and green environmental protection"
Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A shares on March, stock code 300952
Launched a new sub-brand of domestic sales channels “Quansheng”, and fully enter the domestic PPE consumer market with a cost-effective attitude!
Hengshang New Materials Plant will be put into production, opening the era of intelligent chemical factories.
Joint-venture factory grand opening.
Updated gas, water, and solid waste treatment plants.Established Hengshang New Material Plant.
Completed the reform of the shareholding system and started the strategy of capital operation.
Established joint-venture Hengmai Safety Plant to build a world-class modern factory.
Set up marketing centers in Shanghai and Tokyo and launched global marketing strategy.
Successfully developed new products of NJ506 Micro Foam Nitrile series.
Launched “HANVO” as own private brand and successively launched independent innovative international brands BestGrip and NXG, leading the development of the industry.
Created a new production base and diversified product lines.
Output exceeded 3 million dozens, exporting to Europe, America and Japan took 98%
Founded in Rudong, Jiangsu, specializing in protective gloves.

Purposeful Hand Protection, Delivered Sustainably

We are committed to the continual improvement of sustainability strategies as well as working to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. The code of conduct we follow is "People-Oriented, Green Security". Toward achieving human security and a better world, sustainability is our corporate mission, as well as our unwavering commitment to society.

Utilization of solar photovoltaic systems

Clean energy generates 121,4038 kilowatts/year, reduce CO2 emissions by 365.5 tons, Each pair of gloves reduces emissions by 1.69 grams.
Circulation system for waste gases
14,850 tons/year of steam can be produced, Over 90% of waste gases are collected, reduce CO2 emissions by 3419.9 tons/year. Consequently, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 15.8 grams per pair.
System for recycling and reusing wastewater
Sewage treatment capacity of 350,000 tons/year, realize 50% waste water recycling of production line,reduce CO2 emissions by 41.7 tons/year,That is 0.19 g/pair
Green-materials-innovative technologies
Reduce CO2 emissions by 122 g/pair
The digitalization of office and production equipment
A safety and environmental protection control center improve production efficiency,reduce energy consumption per unit of output value. 
Green packaging
The use of FSC certified cardboard and biodegradable sample bags promotes the concept of sustainable environmental protection and enhances the wellbeing of the earth's ecosystem.
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